PLEASE NOTE THAT WE NO LONGER PROMOTE TELEXFREE AS ITS FUTURE IS UNCERTAIN DUE TO IT BEING IN BANKRUPTCY COURT AND IT BEING ALLEGED TO HAVE BEEN A SCAM OR A PYRAMID SCHEME BY THE SECURITIES EXCHANGE COMMISSION (SEC).  (Please note being "alleged" is different from being "found guilty."  Let us keep these things in mind as we move forward.  We will let the courts decide the outcome.)

Below are updates regarding the developments of the bankruptcy and SEC cases from various sources.  We have tried to provide information as presented by the various sources and cannot confirm or deny their creditability.  Use of the information provided here is at your own risk.  We are not attorneys and cannot give any legal advice.  If any opinion is expressed, it is merely our opinions BUT they are not to be taken as legal advice.  What you choose to do is entirely up to you.  We recommend you seek expert legal advice should you want to do something related to your TelexFREE matters.

Case related court documents and victim assistance can be found at the sites below:

http://www.mab.uscourts.gov/mab/news/telexfree-llc-bankruptcy (Proof of Claim Filing Info - Due date is 8/20/14 per what is published in the court docket.)