Nowadays there is so much buzz in the air about doublers, cash gifting, revenue generating sites which promise huge and quick returns for very very low startup cost.Most of them claim they  don't require you to refer to earn.
People jump in with the hope of making some quick cash and only a few are able to make some good money.
What really is the science behind these schemes? what are the red flags? and how can one make money there?
When I come across such sites the first thing i check for,, is, some legitimate product, if there is no product, I don't even consider reviewing it, no product means its a money game which is run by members' money and because its not real business,this is where it gets ugly, less deposits, less cycling, less happy people. Some start to put in refund requests which further complicates it for the admin.Realise this is not a scam it is just the way this sort of doubler works. I have seen them vanishing with money within a day.

A good marketing plan is easy to understand and duplicate, if, it requires you to attend to multiple sessions to understand the concept ..walk away.
A perfect compensation plan always cares for leaders, who, build teams and educate them.. also look for matching bonuses and residual income for team builders.fast start bonuses are very important for new comers to stay motivated and build along.
If the company has a good plan the next very important area is mode of payment that is how you gonna pay and receive money and also what is the minimal withdraw amount. say NO if you dont like the payment mode.
We are living in times where recession has effected 99% of world population, if the product is expensive there are less chances for you to become successful, anything under or equal to $60 is a very good price, and will catch the attention of masses.
Folks,I have highlighted some important points to help you start your own home based business, your suggestions are always welcome.


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